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We all have days when we feel insecure or unhappy with our bodies; it’s normal, it is part of human nature to sometimes feel like you’re not beautiful enough.
Having a “bad body” image day happens. Instead of beating yourself up or comparing yourself to others, learn to love everything that is special about you. Our differences are what makes us, “US” and makes the world “A WORLD”.
So! next time you have a day like this, try, like me, to listen to good music or take a walk while listening to an awesome audio book. But most importantly, surround yourself with people you love and who love you. Those who bring out the best in you.
You‘re beautiful the way you are and those who love you will make you feel it and always remind you of that.

So tell me !! what do you, personally, do in this kind of situation? What’s your usual solution? What makes you love your body?
Don’t be ashamed to Dm me😉😘