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My Happy Day

Using Instagram was never my goal. I’m a very jealous person who used to compare myself to everyone and everything. At that moment, Instagram wouldn’t have been a healthy platform for me. This flood of pictures and videos would’ve made me sick. After a year or so, I decided to give it a try. I was only convinced of my goal to become an Influencer the moment I uploaded a picture and saw that people liked it. I figured I could make myself heard after I won over enough people with my looks. For example, I deliberately follow only few people. Why? Because on the one hand, I don’t want to see people who are beautiful and perfect (in my eyes) everyday and as a result get more insecure about myself and I don’t want to see totally talented people everyday as opposed to me who isn’t as much.

The famous green dress!

I borrowed this dress from a friend for a wedding. It was July 21, 2019 I just wanted to feel beautiful again. My boyfriend, my best friend, my sister and I were at the B&B hotel. This picture was taken in the hotel hallway. It was one of my most beautiful evenings. You can see that in the picture (apparently). I was happy all around and satisfied with myself and my figure. After the wedding, I decided to post this picture on Instagram. I didn’t expect this much love.

I received over 3000 likes in a short time. It tingled my interests and made me curious to post more pictures. I wanted to see if I can reach more people with Instagram in general. I then removed several pictures and only left the best ones (in my opinion). I then asked an acquaintance for advice on how I could get more followers since I was/am talentless (again, my opinion). One of my best friends compared me and my sister in a conversation and said that I do nothing (in the sense that I don’t sing or dance).

That statement offended me, of course. As I mentioned above, I think/thought that I was/am talentless. However that very same statement also strengthened me, motivated me and reminded me that I can do and am something even if I don’t sing or dance.

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