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I want to be a woman who walks through life with self-confidence. A woman who knows herself 100% and does not hide or conceal her weaknesses but works daily to turn them into strengths. I want to be a woman who looks at things with ease. Who likes to laugh a lot and faces life with the right amount of seriousness. I don’t want to hold myself back. I want to free myself from my fears and fully develop my personality.

My dream first and foremost is to be a voice for people like me and the younger generation.

I am a person who has spent her life hiding, keeping silent, and withdrawing into everyone. I never really spoke up and never had my own opinion. I was firmly convinced that no one would want to know what I thought or what I thought about on a daily basis. I, therefore, kept silent most of the time and only spoke what was necessary.

I love my brothers and sisters and adore my mother. If someone even hints at saying something bad about my family, I become a monster. From the moment I learned that I was my mother’s eldest child, my protective instincts were increased 100 fold and thus “Maezinha” was born. It was shortly after my 15th birthday.  From then on I was the Big Sister and took this task on as my devotion.

I want to be a role model. A role model for all those who never had a big sister (as I never had one myself). I want to be someone who can guide you through all your difficulties because I myself have experienced quite a lot. I want to tell you about all my challenges in life to give you an insight when you are in that same situation.

I just don’t want the mistakes and emotional pain to be carried on from generation to generation because I’m silent.

I want to see you smile, see you cry with joy, support you as you climb the ladder of success, witness and celebrate your victory with you. I just want to be with you in all aspects of life. Please do not repeat my misdeeds.

There are many who have given up on themselves or who have not really known themselves or have not been given the chance to show their personality to the world. I am specifically addressing all the big sisters and brothers who have given up their dreams and goals in life to support the family and secretly hide their pain because they think their time is up.    FYI, it is not! Even if the world and your false inner beliefs would have you believe so.

Start right now and start anew. Life writes the best stories and your life can also help someone out there. Do not underestimate this power. We don’t always have to convince masses of people in order to help. It means a lot if you can pick a person up with your story and thus persuade them to change his/her life for the better but for that to happen, you have to open up and share it, your story, with us.

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